Rethinking Patreon — For The Better

  So, I've had a presence over at Patreon for a few months now. I've written about how it wasn't quite clicking for me, and what I've changed to make it better (please check it out, link opens in new tab) over there in more detail, but I also wanted to address it here. Because, after... Continue Reading →


THE CRAYFISH — Microfiction!

  Here's a little bit of microfiction for you to enjoy. As happens often in fiction, it's based on a real place and a real experience. I'll leave you to decide which parts are fiction and which are not. The Crayfish Copyright 2015 S.A. Barton      The eighteen-wheelers roar by above; the bridge over... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Word Story: Revenge Of The Food

He worried endlessly about his diet. He died young: heart attack from stress. ------------- I like six-word stories, but I thought I'd try a slightly longer form. And thirteen is my favorite number. Unless we're talking money, in which case my favorite number involves a whole bunch of zeroes.

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