Broken Rice: Word Cloud 2

A month ago, I posted a word cloud for a work in progress, Broken Rice. It was around 8,000 words long then.   Since then, I reached a "I don't know what to do with this next" point, then let the story sit for a while and worked on other things, then picked it back up... Continue Reading →


In The Beginning…

...I start almost every story writing by hand, then type it into a LibreOffice doc and continue the story as a typist. If a story stalls really badly, I often end up going back to writing longhand to kickstart it. Maybe it's a weird way to do things, but it seems to work. This is... Continue Reading →

Proofreading Is Vtal

We love to read (I feel safe including everyone -- who comes to a blog to NOT read?). Writers love to write -- or at least, love-hate. Editing is sometimes a chore, but really it's going over the rough of the story we want to tell and smoothing it into the best version of the... Continue Reading →

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