What Kind Of Provincial A-Hole Thinks Jambalaya Is UnAmerican?

https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/988530962979065860 I mean, seriously. How ignorant and/or priggish do you have to be? Also, sweet potato pie is almost as regional as jambalaya. Maybe this isn't about "froo-froo" food, but about Erick's prejudices and his desire to pronounce anything that isn't familiar and comforting to him "wrong." What a cringing prick.


SHOCK Star Wars Has Politics And Strong Women And People Of Color And GASP GAY PEOPLE?

(This post first appeared on my Patreon page. Come on by and visit!) I've seen, and you've probably seen, a certain amount of "alt-right" and company (social injustice warriors, as I think of them) complaining about the SUDDEN APPEARANCE of the above in the Star Wars universe. Which might lead you to wonder if any... Continue Reading →

At The Risk Of Pissing You Off On The Anniversary Of The Oklahoma City Bombing…

...I thought I'd share a series of my tweets on the subject with you all. I started with a sad reply to the first tweet below... https://twitter.com/SenatorLankford/status/722425428636483584 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/722433918222217216 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/722434262671044610 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/722435534740586497 https://twitter.com/AmitayusX/status/722438162740449280 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/722440346475438082 After I tweeted "nobody wants to touch this tweet," a couple of people were moved to retweet it -- whether they simply noticed... Continue Reading →

As a public service, I have to pass this fine dig at the Mussolinoid menace of Donald Trump along.

http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ad38087bac/donald-trump-art-of-the-deal-movie   I don't pass along videos often, especially not hour-long satirical jabs at our most unfortunate current Presidential candidate, the USA's answer to the UK's nativist/racist UKIP party, Donald Trump.   But I do have a bit of political conscience, I genuinely believe that Trump presents a danger to the future of the US... Continue Reading →

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